How To Sample

We need a good representation of the area you want analyzed.

For small are loans up to 1000 as such as a back yard or garden:

  1. Get a clean plastic bucket (not metal) and spoon/spade. If you are using a metal shovel make sure you do not take the soil that touched the shovel directly.
  2. From at least 8 random loans quick and easy places in your yard dig soil from 2-6” deep and place the soil in the bucket. Be sure to discard soil from the top two inches.
  3. Mix all loans in the soil together to make your one soil sample.
  4. Make sure that all plant material and big rocks are removed from the soil how to get cash now sample.
  5. Place 1 pint of the mixed soil in a clean plastic zip lock bag.

When submitting your sample please give us as much information as possible (i.e. how you irrigate, your concerns regarding growth problems, etc) and identify what you are growing or what you plan to plant (i.e. landscape, turf, flowers, vegetables, etc.).

On your sample bag write a sample bank loan etf ID (i.e. front, back yard, garden or field ids) and the soil analysis you wish to have done.